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1.   Small Steps to Better Health
Offers tips and encouragement to help people learn how to eat better and live healthier lives. From the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.
2.   Let's Just Play
Created by Nickelodeon, Let's Just Play is a multimedia, grassroots health and wellness initiative that encourages and empowers kids to be less sedentary, eat better, and live healthier, more positive, and energetic lifestyles.
3.   Natural Physiques
Honest fat loss and muscle-building advice from fitness trainer including health and wellness articles and tools related to training, nutrition, and the personal development aspect of living healthy.
4.   JustWalk.com
Devoted to the walkers and fitness seekers including exercise and weight loss tracking tool to keep you motivated and in shape.
5.   Intense Workout
Information about weightlifting, weight loss and gain, workout routines, diet, and exercise.
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