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1.   World of Homeopathy
In-depth information on classical homeopathy, its education, home remedies, case studies, and research. Also explains the Materia Medica and Repertory and how they work. Created by Dr. Nirupama Desai/ Sagare, MD (Hom).
2.   National Center for Homeopathy - Home Page
The National Center for Homeopathy is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to making homeopathy accessible to the public.
3.   Homeopathy Home
Homeopathy Home - a Homeopathic portal providing many links, articles, services, forums and information.
4.   North American Society of Homeopaths
An organization of professional practitioners dedicated to developing and maintaining high standards of homeopathic practice in North America.
5.   Homoeopathy?Excellent in curing the incurables
Dr. R. Gnanasambandam provides information on homeopathy, homeopahtic treatmant and articles, disease entities, chat and video conferencing and search capabilities.

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